Discovery tools and resources

"Majorca is a paradise-if you can stand it." This is how Gertrude Stein described Majorca to a young Robert Graves in 1919. A century later, the island has been totally transformed by tourism, although it has still managed to conserve the cultural legacies of a land that has been a crossroads for different civilizations, maintaining its culture and traditions. The WoW Mallorca project offers you a variety of different tools to discover them.

The WoW Mallorcamap

The map shows and describes key items of Majorca’stangible and intangible cultural heritage. It is a simple intuitive way of discovering the island, allowing you to pinpoint local items of heritage and to get to know them better or to plan cultural routes by exploring the map first. It incorporates geolocation technology so that it can easily be consulted using your mobile phone.



On the map, items of tangible heritage are marked, including: :

  • - Archaeology
  • - Architecture
  • - Art
  • - Ethnographic features
  • - Scenic and natural features

Also marked on it are items of intangible heritage, such as literary works and legends.


It will incorporate newintangible heritage, resources and related services.

Its functionalities include:

  • - Geolocation of all the places and features, linked to GoogleMaps
  • - Summarized descriptions of all the resources, accompanied by images and links to further information.
  • - À la carte searches, filtering the results by towns, categories, eras and styles.
  • - Additional information to help discover the places, indicating whether they are easily accessible, of scenic interest and/or suitable for families.

*This project, its contents and its format are the outcome of efforts by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Special acknowledgement must be made of the assistance of a long list of informants and experts from all the towns and villages, who have contributed with knowledge, information and photographs in order to help create and enrich this tool. It is a collaborative initiative, based on the work of many people, and we hope that it will be enjoyed by manyothers.

The Wow Mallorcaroutes

These thematic visions of the islandhighlight how Majorca’s intangible heritage has infused its landscapes with meaning. They have been organized to form a series of routes, although visitors are also invited to explore the points along them as they wish, using the available tools. These cultural itineraries allow you to gain a better insight into Majorca, based on the following leitmotifs:

History and memories
Art in association with the landscape
Travels and travellers that have transformed Majorca into a crossroads

In this first stage of the project, we have devised some cultural itineraries for you.

1WALKING ON WORDSLiterary Majorca
2TREASURE ISLANDMajorca, adventures and legends